Did you know that if you are happy at work you’re more likely to be successful?  Studies in the field of positive psychology show happy workers:

  • Are more productive
  • Make better leaders
  • Take less sick leave
  • Have lower levels of burn out

So how do you get happy at work?

Author and researcher Shawn Achor offers the following suggestions:

  • Meditation.  Just a five minute meditation exercise had been shown to increase happiness. You don’t even need to leave your desk!
  • Find something to look forward to.  Thinking about your next holiday, a night out, or catching up with friends.  Just the anticipation can give you an instant lift
  • Commit Conscious Acts of Kindness.  Do something nice for a colleague.  You’ll both feel happier.  Make time each day to appreciate a colleague, pass on positive feedback, take time to listen to someone.  It’s the simple acts of kindness that can make a big difference
  • Adjust your work area.  Make your work area a happy space, a picture of someone special in your life or a favourite holiday destination.  Your favourite music in the background.  Simple ways to get a hit of positive emotion.
  • Exercise.  We know about the benefits of exercise in Mental Health.  I know one colleague who takes a walks around the block at lunch time  – he comes back to work reenergised for the afternoon.

 What about you?  What can you do that will give you that ‘happiness shot” through the day.  Research shows that adding happiness activities into your day can make long term changes to your happiness levels at work.  What’s to lose?

For action:

  • Ask yourself “what makes me happy at work?”
  • Commit to at least one activity each day that will boost your happiness
  • Try something new

Reference:  The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor, 2010