Tim Brewster

Occupational Therapy

Tim has over 25 years experience as an Occupational Therapist and has always worked in Mental Health.  His breadth of experience enables him to work collaboratively with multiple agencies and help clients and carers navigate challenging systems.   He is registered with Australian Health Professional Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and is a member of Occupational Therapy Australia.
Services available:

  • OT functional assessments
  • Sensory modulation
  • Living skills training
  • Work and study skills
  • Community engagement
  • Developing healthy lifestyle
  • Managing mental health
  • Assessments and interventions for NDIS
  • Professional supervision for Occupational Therapists

Tim provides Occupational Therapy in the local areas of Maroondah, Knox, Whitehorse, and Yarra Ranges.  Service provision outside of these area or online services will need to be negotiated. 


Tim is an experienced trainer and adopts an interactive approach building on the knowledge and experience of participants.  He is able to provide a strong theoretical framework along with practical tips and strategies for putting it into everyday practice.

Tim is passionate about training leaders and managers to become highly effective leaders.  In addition, Tim has provided training for those working in the Mental Health sector on all aspects of Mental Health Care and Recovery.


Let Tim help you improve your organisations performance and grow by solving problems and finding new and better ways of doing things.  Tim’s approach is to work with you to understand what it is you’re wanting to achieve, gather data and perform in depth analysis, talk to staff, and create strategies that can be put in place with a clear pathway.


Tim is a skilled facilitator and enjoys working with groups of people to enable them to clarify goals, directions, and strategies.  He takes the time to understand the clients needs and works with them to plan workshops that are valuable, enjoyable, and achieve great outcomes.  Tim specialises in team building and developing shared objectives.


Tim is dedicated to helping people become their best version. He’s enthusiastic about recognizing the potential in others, setting them up for success, and seeing them live fulfilling lives. Tim’s approach is highly collaborative and client focused and he takes time to explore goals, strengths, and skills.   He focuses on specific challenges and time is spent exploring the issues and developing a strategy that can then be implemented using well developed tools and frameworks.  Tim will be a sounding board to explore your leadership capabilities and through coaching, you will achieve results through understanding and applying your strengths in whatever leadership roles you have.


Tim is a trained supervisor with over 25 years’ experience supervising Occupational Therapists, Team Leaders, and Managers.  He brings a strengths-based approach to supervision and creates a safe space to explore the needs and challenges of the client.

Experienced Occupational Therapist, Trainer and Coach Melbourne