I recently volunteered to be a marshal at a ride and run event being run by the local council.  My job was to stand on a street corner and make sure the runners stayed on the right path.  At the same time it was also my role to cheer on the runners.  My marshalling spot was at the top of a long steady climb and from my vantage point I saw the runners for about 100 meters as they started their climb towards me.  

There were many participants who were struggling to make it up the hill and that’s when my cheering started –  “Well done” “Keep going”  “Looking strong”  “You can do this”  “Give me five”.   As I started my cheering I’d often see a change – the runner would hear the cheering, look up, smile, and push just that little harder to make it up the hill.   

It reminded me that we all need someone cheering us along from time to time.  The work we do can feel like we’re running uphill and there are times we can feel like giving up.  A cheer can give us that little bit extra we need to push through.

Look around you – does anyone need a cheer?

Come on – I know you can do it.