We sat at the kitchen table listening to Peter and Eleanor recounting their latest adventure – 8 days cross country skiing across the Kosciusko National Park in the snow.  They carried all their gear on their backs, set up camp each night on the snow and rarely saw another person.  Not bad for a couple in their 60’s.  Peter and Eleanor have a bookshelf full of photo albums from all their adventures through some of Australia’s most remote locations.  When we spend time with them, we are inspired to seize and day and to start planning our own next adventure.

Have you met people like Peter and Eleanor? People who make you stop and reflect.  People who inspire you to live life well, to be less selfish, to be more generous, to live simply, to invest in the things that really matter.  The kind of people where you think “That’s the kind of people I want to be more like”

In recent years I’ve started a habit of writing down the qualities of people I admire.  It’s a way of reflecting on the values and behaviours that I want to embrace in my own life.  Here’s just a few of things I observe about Peter and Eleanor:

  • They have a welcome home for visitors
  • They live simply
  • They take risks and go on great adventures
  • They are content with what they have

So what are the two steps you can take towards moving closer to the person you want to more like?

  1. Spend time with people who inspire you
  2. Reflect on and embrace the qualities that you see in them

If you spend time with people who inspire you and study their lives, there’s every chance that you’ll become more like them.  That’s worth the effort!

Who do you admire the most?
What are the qualities you admire most about them?